Need Help From a Tree Care Professional?

Call us for tree services in Newtown, Ridgefield & New Canaan, CT

Are your trees growing out of control? We can help. Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction, Inc. provides tree services in Newtown & Ridgefield, CT and surrounding areas. We can trim and prune your unkempt trees to improve their appearance and their health.

Trimming involves removing unsightly, dead or diseased limbs, whereas pruning is done to shape a tree. Trimming and pruning your trees can improve their health and growth habits by:

  • Increasing sun exposure and air circulation
  • Keeping them from developing broad and weak branches
  • Helping newly planted trees grow into the desired shape
  • Stopping the spread of disease

Trimming your trees will improve the overall appearance of your property. Call 203-730-2614 today to arrange for tree services.

tree service in Newtown, CT - Danbury, CT and Ridgefield, CT

Are you worried about a tree falling on your property?

Turn to Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction for tree removal services in the Newtown & Ridgefield, CT area. We can remove trees that are:

  • Growing too close to buildings or driveways
  • Showing signs of decay
  • Leaning at an angle
  • Blocking your view

Reach out to us to schedule tree removal services. Removing hazardous trees can create more space in your yard, improve your view and protect your property from damage.