Is Your Driveway Starting to Crack?

Call us for asphalt repairs in Newtown & Ridgefield, CT

Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction, Inc. offers concrete and asphalt paving services in Newtown & Ridgefield, CT and surrounding areas. If your concrete or asphalt surface is cracked, don't worry-we can fill in cracks and smooth over the surface to make your driveway, parking lot or sidewalk look brand-new again. If you need a driveway or parking lot paved, we can take care of that, too. You can count on us to pave a smooth asphalt or concrete surface that will improve the appearance of your home or business.

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asphalt paving services in Newtown, CT - Danbury, CT and Ridgefield, CT

Need to have your concrete driveway repaired?

Hire Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction to complete your concrete and asphalt repairs in the Newtown & Ridgefield, CT area. Repairing your damaged driveway, parking lot or sidewalk can:

  • Prevent water infiltration
  • Minimize crack expansion
  • Extend the life of your pavement
  • Enhance the appearance of your asphalt or concrete surface

Get in touch with us today to arrange for asphalt repair services. We'll complete your asphalt repairs in a timely manner.