Basement remodeling contractor in Newtown, CT - Danbury, CT and Ridgefield, CT

Create a Beautiful Basement With a Remodeling Contractor

Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction offers basement remodel work in Newtown & Ridgefield, CT

Is your basement bland? Alvarez Masonry, Landscaping and Construction, Inc. has a solution. With our basement remodeling experience, we can create a finished basement that will become your favorite part of your Newtown & Ridgefield, CT home. Turn a room you normally wouldn't enjoy into something everyone will love.

There are several advantages to having a finished basement. It can add value and extra space to your home. It can also help with energy efficiency and prevent water damage.

Plan your basement remodeling project by contacting us now.

Services we provide

You can expect us to provide you with a variety of services as your remodeling contractor, including:

  • Insulation installation
  • Drywall installation
  • Floor installation
  • Ceiling installation
  • Wall framing

Your basement will look like a completely different space by the time we are done with it. Don't wait. Call us today to receive a free basement remodeling estimate.